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Init.d & userinit on STOCK ICS ROMs

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Some of you know my post for add userinit & S2e capabilities to the INFUSION ROM. Now good news for users of STOCK ICS ROMs:

If you like to add INIT.D & USERINIT support WIHTOUT flashing a new ROM (without any change over boot.img) you can do!

This guide is based on information from: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1772616

Here the guide:

1) You need to go to the console as root (with ADB, SSHd, TERMINAL, etc.)

2) Make "/system" writable ("mount -o remount,rw /system")

3) Decompress the attached file from the root directory

4) Reboot.... That's all!

Now, you can, for exemple, use "S2e" like in any CM ROM: if you use the 2 partition of your EXTERNAL SD you don't need to do any trick. If you like to use the INTERNAL SD, see my guide on: http://www.modaco.com/topic/356275-how-to-enable-s2e-in-g300/

Here the explanation about this mod:

* At boot, the "init.rc" calls to "/system/etc/install-recovery.sh" as a service. This file don't exists and it is our entry point.

* We add "/system/xbin/busybox" and one script at "/system/bin/sysinit". With this, we start the execution of all scripts in "/system/etc/init.d"

* Moreover, we add one script "/system/etc/init.d/20userinit" to also execute scripts on "/data/local/userinit.d/". To write here you don't need to touch the system partition, and several apps use this directory.

I hope some of you will appreciate this work. Perhaps someone of you likes to prepare a .ZIP for install this mod from CWM.



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I am interested in doing this, but the description is too brief for a non-expert :)

When you say decompress, is that by copying it to the phone, or via adb, or?

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I'll appreciate if someone creates a .ZIP file for CWM with the files of this thread.

In my case I do all my work from adb/ssh, and as consequence I think only on experienced users.

If someone creates the ZIP file, it can be used on any STOCK rom.

Several programs uses "init.d" support to execute scripts at boot!


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