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will ota update on UK spec s3 remove root?

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Yep, it did for me, I had stock rom rooted & had the 2 updates OTA. One that removed the universal search as per the US version, by mistake, then one that corrected the error for EU users.

I didn't notice after the first one but after the second I tried to move to cyanogen & my phone refused to boot into recover by the CWM app I had installed or manually with the button combination.

Took me a while to figure out why, but a quick reflash in Odin soon sorted it out.

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I am rooted on a stock rom.

I had a ~37mb update pop-up.

I decided to try it, my phone rebooted into the recovery screen and said the update has failed and that I should try again using the Kies software.

At least the annoying notification has gone (you could only postpone it for 3 hours max)

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