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Organize your APK collection with APK File Manager!

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I've created a small program (so far for Windows only) with which you can organize, rename and view information for your .apk files you have on your disk.

You can get it from here:


It is an early experimental beta version, so you should always keep a backup before using this program.

Features in v0.5 (first release):

- Reads apk's from a directory and extract icon and basic information about them.

- Get Google Play Store information and description for each apk.

- View Screenshots from Google Play Store (Information from the Store must have been retrieved beforehand).

- Move older versions of apk's to another folder so you can inspect them and remove them.

- Rename files by using a custom renaming mask.

- Batch rename apk's using a mask.

- Move files automatically to subfolders named from the official Google Play Store categories.

- Preview file rename/move operation.

comments, ideas and critics are welcome!

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Hello everyone, just updated APK File Manager to version 0.5.8.

With this version I worked a little bit on the Screenshot window.

Added a new feature to rotate the image, because I've come across some images that are not rotated correctly on the Market.

Also I've added the capability to create thumbnails from the screenshot, so the screenshot window now opens faster.

That's all for now, tell me about any suggestion or errors you encounter!

Version History:

0.5.8 (2012-10-26):

New Features:

- Added Screenshot Image Rotation (Rotation is performed lossless on jpeg images with jpegtran).

Some minor bugfixes.

Screenshot thumbnails are now generated for faster preview.

0.5.7 (2012-09-18):

New Features:

- In screenshot window, click on image for zoomed view.


- Getting screenshots from Play Store works again.

0.5.6 (2012-09-06):

New Features:

- When hovering over the "Open Google Play Store" link in App Details window, the QR Code of the link is displayed on the icon.

- When renaming, added an option to remove non-ascii characters from filename.


- If the apkName or googleName contained a slash character, the app would be moved into the wrong directory.

0.5.5 (2012-08-08):

New Feature:

- Added checkbox to Multi Rename Window, so you can uncheck files you don't want to rename.

0.5.4 (2012-08-05):

Fixed 2 bugs:

#1 Program freeze upon clicking "include subdirs".

#2 Division by zero on Win7 x64 when clicking Get Google App Infos.

0.5.3 (2012-08-02):

First public release.

Edited by noctrex

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Hello again, I've updated APK File Manager to version 0.5.9.

New Features:

- Added Select All/None checkbox on Mass Rename form.

- Rows are now displayed with alternate colors.

- If a file cannot be recognized, a message appears.


- Fixed App detail Hint on main window not showing correct information, when table order is changed.

- Fixed sorting of the File Size column on main window.


- Using Natural sorting on tables.

Also, for the 0.6.x branch I will start using the ribbon interface by SpkToolbar, but an option will be included to to revert back to the old button/menu interface.

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