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Problem, help required

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My San Francisco 2 will not shut down. when I press the button at the top and select power off the phone shuts down fine but then just reboot without pressing the top button.

I dont think the button is the problem as I have slected the other options or silent mode and airplane mode and they work fine.

Any Idea why the phone will not stay shut down?

I have uninstalled the last few apps I downloaded and taken the barrerty out for a period of time but still not resolved.

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Hi, my advice probably won't be much use but I'll post anyway untill someone else with more knowledge does. When you press the Power Off button at the top, are you sure you are selecting Power Off on the touchscreen after this? I'm thinking maybe it's possible it's set to Reboot?

Grasping at straws I know, hope you get it solved soon

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not seen this before myself. Is this running stock rom?

If this was was mine I'd do this:

Go to CWM recovery and do a backup

Then install the CM9 rom.

See if you still have the same problem.

If you do then it could be a hardware problem

Restore original rom and return for repair.


if on stock rom already, TPT a new stock rom from ZTE and test.

edit: nice username by the way :D (you might get a lot of spam if this is you real email address)

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If your handset is rooted then try Quickboot from Google Play. Similar to other apps available, it will bypass some of the processes the stock poweroff uses, can also initiate reboot and reboot into recovery very fast.

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