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[WIP] Installing other apps in Bluestacks for Mac

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Your desired app must be in the Amazon Appstore for this to work.

1. Click your 'Android Apps' folder

2. Click 'Open In Finder'

3. Right click an app (e.g. Air Control Lite) and select 'Duplicate'

4. Rename the new app

5. Right click the app and select 'Show Package Contents'

6. Open the 'Contents' folder

7. Drag 'info.plist' to a text or plist editor

8. Find the '<key>GuestAppActivity</key>' and '<key>GuestAppPackage</key>' entries.

9. Replace the package names with your desired app (e.g. com.zinio.mobile.android.reader)

10. Double click to test! :)

Unfortunately BlueStacks is b0rked on my Mountain Lion install so these instructions are from memory, so let me know!

Installing a file explorer or the Dropbox app would probably be a good way to sideload apps.


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After doing Paul's procedure try the following:

1.) change plist.info to install root explorer (com.speedsoft.rootexplorer)

2.) download any kind of app market to your mac example : " black-market.apk " (just a sample don't shot me)

3.) open root explorer in bluestacks then navigate to "picture" under you mac profile. - you should see your files in root explorer under /mnt/Pictures/

4.) install your market

5.) open the new market app then download your favourite launcher

6.) if your downloaded launcher is compatible go ahead and open it you should have an almost complete android experience on you mac.

works for me so good luck guys !


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