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Problem with TPT

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I am trying to flash CyanogenMod 9 - KonstaKANG, but my partition size is only 128 MB, seems to be few Megs short. After flashing the ROM and gapps I am having issues with certain apps like Endomondo (google play claims it's not compatible with my device).

The obvious thing to do would be to run a TPT with bigger system partition, but it doesn't seem to work for me, everytime I try to enter TPT mode it just gets stuck on the green droid (tried both GEN1-to-GEN2, and GEN2 TPTs). According to Mr Pigfish my phone is GEN2.

I bought it as a GEN1 device, then TPTed into GEN2, then downgraded to GEN1 and used an official upgrader to 2.2 froyo (I did that because I was getting a warranty repair and didn't want them to find I was messing with the phone). Then I got it back, somehow installed the Swedishsnow RLS7 (I don't even remember how) and was a happy user for while... Recently I find it really sluggish so I'd like to try something new.

Is there a way to change partition size without the TPT function?


Is there a way to get the TPT function back?

Or am I using wrong TPT? Or perhaps am I doing it wrong?:D

I did try to search for the answer myself, but I got lost in thousands of threads, keywords I was using didn't seem to lead me to a solution, so sorry in advance.

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Installed a different firmware through FTM mode after reflashing stock recovery, and now TPT works like a charm. Thanks a lot for your help...wait, there wasn't any.

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