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Bit of help with TPT's and Roms

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Hi there.

I have the Vivacity and would like to flash a debranded rom on it which seems simple enough, but I would also like to use one of the TPT files to give me more storage.

Im a bit confused as to how I check the Md5sum? Sorry if that sounds daft. Also, do you install the ROM at the same time as the TPT?

Telling me like a toddler would be very appreiciated lol.



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i suggest you get this md5 checker this one is the first thing i found in google

open up the md5 file in notepad and copy the first string of text (minues the space)

open the md5.exe application and click paste. then point the second box to the image.bin file, it will then check the codes match and tell you.

once you have flashed the TPT it will reboot into the recovery tool, you then tell it to install a zip from sdcard, locate the rom file from your sdcard and install it, once done, reboot and wait for it to load.

it may take a while on the first boot, so long as the boot logo is still moving, you should be fine.

EDIT -> Just make sure that which ever TPT file you choose make sure you get one with more than 2mb cache, you might find downloading from the market a bit of an issue if the app is bigger than 2mb. there are ways around the market cache issue, but i find that the few mb you sacrifice in cache space makes up for the difficulty of messing about with mounting things in android

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md5 is a signature for a file. So if you download a file and want to be absolutely sure that it downloaded perfect (and thus not corrupt, which would trash your phone), then you'd check the md5 of the file matches what the developers says.

There are free md5 checkers that you can download which you can right click in windows explorer and check the md5.

Most TPTs repartition the phone and at the sametime wipe the contents (everything) except sd card.

Thus the phone will not have an operating system (a rom) in which to operate.

So I'd normally have the rom I'm going to use ready on the sd card before TPTing it.

Normally after the TPT flash the phone goes into CWM recovery (because that is all that is on the phone afterwards) so that you can flash the rom.

Becareful what you flash as flashing incompatitble TPTs and the like will probably brick it (permanently).

Careful to flash the TPT and not a zip file of the TPT, that will also end badly.

Any other questions....?

Good luck

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If you need more storage just for apps etc just use stock TPT with a2sd script. U can easily find on this forum, then just need to partition SD using CWM, simples. Depends which ROM you are opting for, most are fine with stock partition for system then no need to change TPT.

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