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New chinese ROM ICS by Lishuo based on latest official B926 (10 August 2012)

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All credit to :


https://www.dropbox....ice pack2.6.zip

Features (using google translator)

This powerful optimization streamlined package based on the latest of official ICS4.0 the B926 in style to retain the original style and Huawei

Replace the signal icon is blue, to maintain the official style, transplant Samsung framework and Samsung desktop experience smoother the remainder of the available memory more.

Replace Huawei 2D desktop Samsung desktop. Fine in maintaining the integrity and stability of the system functions on the basis of the unwanted software to streamline as much as possible to save memory. First start after reboot, the memory available is about 210M

Optimize the camera's photographic effect

Add script to turn off the keyboard lights, humane choice! ! ! Are you in the night to play phone keypad light stab the eyes very uncomfortable? Will system. \ Etc \ init.d Z90closeButtonLight.sh renamed restart to turn off the keyboard lights for Z90closeButtonLight

system \ etc \ init.d below the SD card to accelerate the script 21sdcardspeedfix.sh and 2G/3G network optimization the script 57network.sh, default is closed, open For as long as rename will. sh removed and then restart the phone

Call attribution to function opens the official ROM that comes with non-third-party software to achieve

Restore 4.0 native lock screen

Replace the boot animation for Huawei Ascend animation, luxurious gorgeous, remove the start-up tone

10 ROOT privileges Superuser to the latest version

11. fine streamline in maintaining the integrity and stability of the system functions on the basis of the unwanted software

is optimized to improve system speed to reduce the memory footprint

13. improve the WIFI power, WIFI more to force

14.GPS accelerated, which can be seconds set

15 by adding a convenient and practical flashlight, Sogou input method and very rabbit gaming and Europe Peng, browser,

16. to join the latest music box of Google and fly sound, to force the sound quality you absolutely could hear! ! ! This is the real power of sound! Usage: open google music box (that is, the headset icon) casually put the song, and then press the menu button to select the audio, you can set the flying sound. Good horse with a good saddle, the headset to the power of words, sounds great feeling, but do not recommend putting with fly sound

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