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[JB] Paranoid Android for the ZTE Skate

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Can't you just copy RTL-support from other roms that supportDr it. I often copy latinime.apk from official cm roms like crespo (nexus s) for Dutch support.

Ah, good point. I didn't realize CM modified latinime.apk.

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OK, I'm having all sorts of problems- S2E not mounting, Link2SD getting EPIPE errors and Titanium Backup reporting no Hypershell even though hypershell is present, ad infinitum. Not sure what it is, but I loved the paranoid experience and am sad to have to leave it to go back to gingerbread :shudder: OK well :/

By the way, the rom was really nice, smooth and stable too! I'd use it if I wasn't hard pressed for space

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Hi , I have installed this rom, as all the cm10 rom of yours, the Gallery doesn't show the photos on sdcard, and Music player doesn't show the songs too, I noticed that the sdcard is mounted as '/storage/sdcard0', and there's two symlink '/mnt/sdcard' and '/sdcard' to it, but in cm9, the sdcard is mounted as '/mnt/sdcard' and a symlink '/sdcard' to it , so I think the promble maybe here, I changed it in init.skate.rc, but when I reboot, the init.skate.rc restored to the original, how can I do with this? thx.

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