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help needed asap

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hi guys, I wonder if anyone can help me, well my wife actually,

Firstly Dee my wife is registered blind with very little sight to use normal phones, so she got herself a htc desire hd which she has talking software on the phone to help her use it which she does extreamly well.

A few days ago she dropped the phone smashing the screen thus making it useless to her. After looking at the cost of replacing the screen, i took it upon myself ( being it a big bad move) to replace the screen myself

after watching how to do it on you tube (mmmh I hear you say) well i did it all but getting the screen to stay in properly.

We took the phone to a mobile phone repair shop and after attempting to repair the damage I had do (butchered it ???) it is in but not working properly, the screen goes off but the phone is still active and the battery has to be taken out to restart the phone.

So if anyone can help with a replacement phone or a desire hd spares or repair or any other help you can give us would be very apprieciated. we are in north birmingham so the closer to us would be better then I could suprise her and get her phone working again

cheers again our email is [email protected]


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