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[GUIDE] Upgrade and Downgrade the G300 between GB, ICS and JB with downloads.

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I find the answer ;) It should be on the guide

It doesn't need to be 0. It can also be a different imei. Check to see. If the app modified your original imei than you're good to go.

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You should avoid guides that suggest changing your IMEI - there are normally safer/better ways to do the same thing

Some of the info on this forum has been superseded in the meantime by better/safer guides.

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Hi, I'm trying to do this but I have already stambled at the first task!


I'm currently running B952 baseband 2030 and I'm trying to downgrade back to gingerbread.


I've downloaded the toolkit Ice Cream Sandwich (Upgrade and Downgrade) Toolkit (v1.0.6b - 19092012)


I'm now trying to do the first task:


"Now connect your phone via USB to your PC, Install the ADB Drivers (Goto My Computer, Find the mounted CD and browse to Drivers > ADB and run the setup file from there) (If running Windows Vista / 7 or 8, Right click the file and click "Run as Administrator")"


How do I actually do this? Where doI find the ADB drivers?



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