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hardware acceleration on gingerbread

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why? i've read in the web that on other devices with gingerbread it can be done!

however, try to install Blade Buddy from the market, it's a free application that do it (only for root users)! :blink:

in any case, to enable hw acceleration you can change in build.prop the line "debug.sf.hw=0" in "debug.sf.hw=1" and reboot...

first make a nandroid or a copy of the build.prop.

see also http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1533688 for other build.prop tweaks!

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debug.sf.hw=1 is already enabled by default in every rom, stock one included, even if you delete that line. But proper Hardware acceleration of the interface (the one that ICS and Jelly Bean feature) is not possible in Gingerbread. That's probably why Chrome for Android is not available for us.

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