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Error playing online videos (Youtube & other)

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Dear All- This is my first post, though not a total newbie to Android. Happy owner of Liquid S100 (256MB RAM running OS 4.002.14)

Since last few days, no video can be played in Youtube app or the mobile site. Get the Sorry video cannot be played error. Logcat shows DxDrmJavawrap Error: could not init Drm client & then 20793 MediaPlayer Error (1,0).

Googled & tried to find solutions, but it seems people can get the Youtube error for different reasons- for example, someone with a droidwall had to whitelist mediaserver. I have no firewall, have tried clearing cache, re-installing Adobe flash, nothing works.

Help, any Ideas. Thanks for being such a wonderful community out here..

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Broken-app update ?

What did you do recently ?

App installed, changed, rooted ?

Does it happen after a new flash ?

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