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Slightly broken Vega available for a good home

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Until I tried to sell it today I thought my Vega was in perfect working order and near-mint condition.

On trying to sell it at CEX I found the touchscreen really unreliable! Putting this down to the stock ROM I flashed it with I tried installing Vegacomb - no help.

Then I noticed a weird pattern of it working fine when I had the USB cable plugged in, even if it wasn't plugged into a computer. Huh?

To cut a long story short, the touch screen is only working reliably if you hold the Vega by its bottom left hand corner. I assume it must be some kind of touch screen delamination near the battery or a loose joint in a connection to the screen there.

I never noticed the problem because the leather case I've got nestles the Vega and gives it enough pressure in that area for the device to work perfectly. Of course, they took it out of the case to sell it!

Anyway, I could use selling it to raise some cash, but before I put it on ebay I thought I'd see if anyone here wanted it for use/fixing/parts etc. I'm hoping to get about £30 for it but will consider offers!

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