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Would you buy a machined tripod mount for your One X?

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The One X is a really great camera. I use it now a lot as a replacement for my point and shoot, however one area where it falls down is in situations where you'd like to use a tripod - for self portraits or ultra-steady shots. HTC might just have the answer.

As you can see below, a tripod mount exists for the One X, made out machined aluminium with a rubber insert. It is supplied with a bargain-basement tripod, but it's pictured below on my gorillapod tripod.

The question is... would you buy this (either with a tripod or just the bracket)? I actually think it's a great idea! It's currently listed on some accessory websites, but hasn't made it into full production yet (I was given a unit at a recent HTC event). Post your feedback below and let's tell HTC what we think (send this to your One X owning friends too)! :)


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