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Mock location in Navigation on Google Maps?

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Hey people.

I have been using mock locations for a long while on my SGS devices, and only recently did I discover that Google Maps apparently doesn't play nice with it :(. Or well google maps does, but the second you hit navigation you get a popup on the screen asking you to turn on GPS and there is no way to get it to go away other then cancelling navigation :/

Is there no little fix or hack that I can implement that will allow me to use mock locations put also make that stupid screen go away. Im using mock locations to feed information from my dedicated BT reciever into my phone and its a lot more precise then the build in GPS and it uses less power. But navigation is pretty useless when all I can see is a black screen and a box asking me to turn on GPS with an ok in it :(

But will I just have to live with it, or is there a fix?

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