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Hi, not sure where to post this, but i wondered if we could make a topic with Android phones with an extremely positive cost/quality ratio, offering great value. Phones that are relatively cheap considering what you are getting in return. And also to possibly touch upon some of the less positive features some of these phones might be having. This could be high-end phones from one or two years ago at slashed prices, or new phones from lesser known brands trying to cut out market share.

For instance, for the moment i'm reading some internet buzz surrounding ZTE Blade II, Huawei G300. Or maybe these are already yesterdays news. What about these Spice Stellar phones i've read about and can you actually buy them in Europe? What other phones are (about to come) out or about to get a price cut?

I'm interested to know because i bought my Acer Liquid S100 little over a year ago, and was very happy with it having only paid 140 euro's. The phone had been out for a while. But now with ICS (not on said phone) i'm thinking about moving on and giving it to my girlfriend. But i don't want to spend over 200 euro's for a new one.

Basically, i think it could be interesting for a lot of people should such/this topic be kept alive.

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