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Stuck in a USB Brick circle!

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Im trying to fix what i believe is a USB brick on my desire. Ive tried 5 different cables on 4 different computers and all i get in device manager is 'unknown device'.

Ive found a guide for the usb brick fix (http://www.roms-au.c...xing-usb-brick/) but it requires a step where i root the phone using rageagainstthecage-arm5.bin, it looks like it works, then the terminal app locks up when i try to do the next step, i cant gain temproot. Im guessing thats because you cant root 2.2.2 - 3 branded?

Anyone know how i can gain root access without using USB? i have an SD card that im able to put files on through an adapter then i can place this back into my phone.

Is it possible to downgrade without root & usb?

the phone is 3 branded (uk)






Aug 10 2010, 17:52:18

software number 2.29.771.3



im still just as stuck, but now im on android 2.3.3 (software number 3.14.405.1).

All im trying to do is sim unlock this dam phone! and install a custom rom. Ive been doing this for 3 days now :(

My CID is H3G__001 if that helps?

So i cant connect via USB at all, not even in fastboot. I need to gain root to be able to do the USB fix, but i cant get root on this rom. I dont know if its even possible to downgrade without a USB cable... Im also unable to get my CID number to make a goldcard, i think, CID checker shows H3G__001 but the goldcard guide i was following showed the CID as a long set of numbers.

Can anyone think of a way out of this circle?!

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