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San Francisco II Orange UK APN and MMS Settings

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For some reason, I don't know why but my settings seem to have just gone. Does anyone know these settings. Thanks.

Try the following. I'm not on Orange so can't confirm.

Android APN and Data Settings for Orange UK

Name = Orange Internet

    • APN = orangeinternet (case sensitive)
    • MCC:234
    • MNC:33
    • APN Type: default
    • Ignore everything else and leave it as <Not set>
    • Then press menu and save and then turn off the phone and restart and you are done!

      To activate your MMS:

      MMS data settings:

      • Name = Orange MMS
      • APN = orangemms
      • Proxy = blank
      • Port = blank
      • Username = Orange
      • Password = Multimedia
      • Server = Leave blank
      • MMSC = http://mms.orange.co.uk
      • MMS proxy =
      • MMS port = 8080
      • MMS protocol = WAP 2.0
      • MCC = 234
      • MNC = 33
      • APN type = mms
      • Authentication type PAP

      or try

      [*]Proxy =

      [*]Port = 8080

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