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Easiest phone to unlock? (UK)

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I'll be travelling home to the UK pretty soon for a pint or ten and have a Mobell UK SIM card to use whilst there. I was wondering what the easiest phone to unlock would be around 100 quid (a little under preferred) with no mucking about replacing ROMs or anything. I'll be staying in hotels with crappy WiFi and will only carry my Asus Eee Pad TF101 with me...

This is a topic for the ZTE forum but I have a Japanese Softbank 003Z (ZTE Blade) that I've tried to unlock with no success following all instructions to the letter but I never get prompted to input the unlock code. It doesn't even recognise any of the dialler key codes either. It's now running Cyanogenmod 7.2.0 so that may be why. I'll post this over in the ZTE forum...

Anyway, if the Mobell SIM doesn't work in the ZTE when I get to the UK I will need to find something that does. Any suggestions please.


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