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MX Player Codec x86

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Hi all

first of all sorry for my bad english i'm french

i find x86 codec for mx player (not in the playstore but on the mx player website)

my first question is : this codec is better for battery life ? the phone dont have to do x86 to arm conversion (i hope u'll understand what i mean)

2nd question : i can use the new decoding mode of mx player called H/W+ (and it works very well , tested with a .mp4 file in full hd) i'd like to know whats the difference between H/W + and H/W

thanks for your help

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Thankyou for pointing that out, I love MX, so much better, but never new there was codec for x86 :D

To your questions, I am not sure what battery effects there would be but am sure using correct codecs will help. It is like when you play a file format that is not native, it eats more battery as it is being played in SW instead of HW.

About HW+ not sure what the difference is, best to look at the changelog for that answer.

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