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Acer not willing to give out Kernel source Code Acer Liquid E Ferrari Special Edition

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I have been in contact with several Helpdesks (Benelux and UK) in order to get the Kernel source Code for my Acer Liquid E Ferrari.

The Only thing the Benelux Helpdesk could come up with was the Kernel Source Code for the Acer Ferrari Mini which is clearly not the same.

The Benelux Helpdesk keeps on telling me that they don't have it and they can't provide me with the requested source code.

Since their support website is crappy and doesn't want to work properly I found an email adres to the UK helpdesk.

After writing them a mail or 2 I still got the same answer back that they are not able to help me out and give me the requested Kernel Source Code.

Since We would all like to have a Custom Rom with a correct working Battery indicator I sent out a mail to the [email protected] in order to see what can be done to solve this matter.

I also put the UK helpdesk in CC, so they know that I mean business.

If you also want your acer Ferrari to work properly don't hesitate to sent out an mail with your complaint to the above mentioned email adress.

thanks for your reading and support if you want your acer Ferrari to work correctly.

I keep you posted when I receive any updates concerning this matter.

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It's the EXACT same device, flash an ordinary Liquid E Binary and then work from there.

Here's the battery fix I posted for the Ferrari Edition.

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