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User Data - Internal SD vs External SD

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I recently bought this wonderful bargain. I updated today from GB to ICS and I noticed a slight change in behaviour.

After instaling titanium and beyondpod, none of them recognized my backups or downloaded episodes. This had never happened with sw upgrades or model changes.

It seems that these apps are now using the internal sd instead of the external, maybe because the int-sd was mounted as sdcard and the external as sdcard2. Anyone has a clue about how does android or android apps choose which sd to use? What I do not understand is also what is the different between GB and ICS regard this? Is there any way we can manage this?


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I'm experiencing the same thing. Are you on the stock ICS or a specific ROM. I have only noticed this since the last upgrade to Tillaz Infusion rom which made an SD card 2 directory. I think there has been a patch released that I havent had time to put on yet.

If you are on stock ICS then its clearly an issue that runs a bit deeper....

I dont think it should be an ICS thing though as I have been using it for months without this issue until the last upgrade.

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Change the backup location in titanium preferences ? Then it will see your backups?

Use link2sd to force apps to the sd card,

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