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[APP][DEV] OTA Update Center. (Version: 1.0.5 is released!)

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Version 1.0.5 Released, also available on the market! It's stable, and working on almost all devices, also on Jelly Bean!

Please if you find bugs, report them using the link on the bottom of this post. ;)


OTA Update Center is an Over The Air update service, that is free of use. This project is especially for the rom devs around, to be able to implement an easy to use, and free OTA Update app. The project has one goal, to provide a way to provide OTA Updates as easy and noob friendly as possible.


  • Add and remove OTA Updates in a centralised database.
  • Push notifications on new release of rom.
  • Check for updates once a day.
  • Check for updates manually when the person wants to.
  • Download the rom and flash it directly.
  • Download the rom without flashing.
  • Wipe data and or cache/dalvik before flashing the update.
  • All your rom updates in one list.
  • Abillity to change, update and intergrate in your own rom, YES! It's open source!


Screenshot_1little.png Screenshot_2little.png Screenshot_3little.png Screenshot_4little.png Screenshot_5little.png

More Information :: Download :: Change Log :: Bug Tracker :: #OTAUpdateCenter (FreeNode)

Short Change logs

Version: 1.0.5 - MD5: 9c95d08ecc15d76df0bd88c98eb949fb [mirror] [MARKET]

Fix for auto-flashing on Sony devices

Minor translation updates

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This page details the most commonly asked questions about the OTA Update Center.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.

User FAQ

  • How can I use this updater?

    If your ROM Developer is using our update center app, you will automatically receive notifications when there is an update available for your ROM.

    If your ROM Developer is not using our update center app, then unfortunately there is not much you can do except bug them (kindly) to use it.

    • I downloaded and installed the app, but it doesn't work!!!

      If you download our app after installing the ROM, you're doing it wrong!

      A ROM which uses our update center has the app installed by default, so there is no need for you to download and install it manually.

      If you are using a ROM which does not use our update center, then downloading and installing this app is useless. It cannot and will not magically update your rom, or make unicorn dust fall out of the sky.

      • I don't like your installer. I want to flash the update zip with ROM Manager.

        That is fine. But please tell us why you don't like our installer.

        Then you can go and install the zip just like any other zip from ROM Manager.

        The app downloads the zip file to

        Developer FAQ

        • How can I use this updater?

          • Download the latest version of the app from our GitHub page.

          • Put the app in /system/app of your ROM.

          • Pick a ROM ID that you will use in our database. This should have no spaces and preferably be all-lowercase.

          • Add the following properties to your build.prop:

          • otaupdater.otaid=<ROM ID you picked from previous step>

          • otaupdater.otatime=<Date/time of this build in yyyymmdd-hhmm format>

          • otaupdater.otaver=<The human-readable version number/name>

          • Package your ROM, generate an MD5 of the zip file, and upload it somewhere.

          • Add/update your ROM in our database. You will need the ROM ID you picked, the device you packaged for, and the URL and MD5 of the zip file.

          • For further updates, just make sure you update the otatime and otaver properties in build.prop

            • Why do i get the message: Error fetching update info: Invalid ROM (<communisationota>) & device (pyramid) combo!

              Make sure the lines in your build.prop do not have
              in it.

              Your lines should look like this:




              • What are the requirements to use this updater?

                Obviously, your ROM needs to be able to connect to the internet... If your rom has no radio/wifi, then this will of course not work.

                It is preferable to have the Play Store included in your ROM. This way, the app will use the more efficient push notifications mechanism to deliver updates.

                Even if you do not have the Play Store, the app will still work. It will just use pull notifications instead.

                • My users get a MD5 error

                  Make sure your rom is uploaded on an host with direct linking abilities. such as dropbox or your own ftp.

                  If thats not the problem, be sure the MD5 on the website is right or the upload is not corrupted.

                  • Why do i not get the updates?!

                  Make sure you are using the right device name on the website. for example, a Galaxy Nexus (GSM) is called 'maguro' and the HTC Sensation is called 'pyramid', make sure you use the short names. if you are not sure you are using the right name please use the command: 'adb shell getprop ro.product.device' That will give the device name you need to use for your rom.

                  [*]Why do i get a warning sign after reboot?

                  I'm afraid the rom is not signed right. Please contact your rom-dev to ask him if he can resign and reupload the rom.

                  For when you are using a pyramid, please try to flash this recovery, then you can skip the signature check:

                  [*]Why don't i get the update notification?

                  Make sure you are logged into the Google Play Store, before the rom is updated in the database.

                  When you are adding the rom to the database, the Google Cloud Message will not work, the Google Cloud Messages only work on an existing rom, as soon as you update it.

                  [*]Your app doesn't work on device X.

                  First off, please make sure you are using the latest version of our app!

                  We have a very limited number of devices to test on, so we depend on you to give us feedback. If you encounter issues with our app, please file a bug report on out GitHub page.

                  Please include the device, app version, ROM ID, a description of the issue and any other relevant details. If the app crashes, please also attach a logcat.

                  [*]How do i sign a rom properly?

                  First, download the

                  Unpack them in a directory you like. Copy the rom you want to sign into the directory and do the following.


                  Open Terminal, go to the directory and run:

                  ./sign <romname.zip>

                  [*]Why does the recovery say it can't find the rom?

                  First implement version RC-6 or higher.

                  Then add this to the build.prop :



                  the sdcard or sdcard2 has to be the path where the os, or the recovery finds the sdcard.

                  [*]Why does the phone not reboot into recovery?

                  If your device does not reboot into recovery make an reboot_recovery.sh with your reboot script and copy it to /system/bin/.

                  and add this line to your build.prop:


                  [*]How create direct link to file in Google Drive(Thanks: MaxWorks)

                  We appreciate the feedback!!

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