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Broken Vega Glass cover

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Hi Guys.

The dreaded has happened.

The tablet slid of the side of the sofa and onto a side of a metal pole and the glass cover over the screen has cracked. The screen still works perfectly, its just annoying to view now.

I read another thread asking about options for repair - I am quite handy with electronic replacements done several laptop screens, but just wondered if anybody has actually replaced the glass cover of a vega and can walk me through where they sourced the actual panel?

Many thanks,


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Richard Lea

[email protected]

Replacement Tablet Screens UK

I offer a friendly, UK Advent Vega repair service for hardware problems. Just PM or email me your requirements.

Replacement Touchscreens, LCD's and repair service for most Tablets.

The author of the most touchscreen problems resolved.

You're replacing the touchscreen as it's bonded onto the glass.

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