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ZTE skate medion bricked....

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My medion ZTE SKATE medion Life P4310 is bricked.

The android screen is the only thing seen when i start up.If i puch power +volume ,a screen appairs "FTM"...nothing more...

Help please

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It isn't bricked. In fact, it should be fairly easy to recover.

First, get a stock TPT from this forum. It should be an /image/ folder you put on your SD card.

Then, power on your phone by holding power + volume up + menu. This is what should happen.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cNzc6vqkB7s

Boom, your Skate is recovered. Depending on the TPT, you will now either have a clean CWM install to flash a ROM, or a completely stock Skate.

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