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ICS for Atrix leaked.

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Don't know if you guys have heard, but a few days ago, a dev build of ICS for the Atrix was leaked. I've flashed it on my own device and everything's there. It's way smoother than the ICS we have now (thanks to HW acceleration) and it includes the latest motoblur which is basically a bunch of icons on top of stock (great because you can hardly tell it's there).

I tried a quick quadrant benchmark while i was on it and i got full 60+fps on the 2d bit, full 60+fps on the hallway an spinning planet bit, and around 35-40fps on the dna spiral bit. Overall the score was around 2400 which is quite low compared to some that i've got on GB, but i'm sure it's due to the nature of the leak. Also RAM usage was very high (i was hovering on 150MB free out of 1GB).

Chrome worked perfectly, scrolling was smooth in everything i tried. Everything was just great. This means we have everything we need to make our custom roms better.

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Shame my ATRIX has died... the inevitable touchscreen issue that seems to take most ATRIX's sooner or later :( .

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