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Moving from C02B936 to stock (i.e. no Vodafone)?

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Just joined here having just bought my G300 (U8815) from Argos UK (C02B885 Vodafone ROM), unlocked it for use with 3, and upgraded to C02B936 (ICS with 2030 baseband).

Hope this makes sense as I've just moved from many happy years of non-Android HTC ROM flashing at XDA so this Android stuff is new to me.

Happy with the ROM but want to get all the Vodafone stuff off (boot animation, Vodafone apps, locked "Operator and country info" setting, etc).

Is there a suitable ROM (e.g. worldwide 934?) and what are the flash options please (e.g. as a zip via a tbd version of CWM?)?

I tried reading (a lot!) but my head's spinning since I'm starting from the very beginning and trying to piece things together from July posts onwards is a challenge.


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