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Deleted some system apps.....no sims detected!

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Hello, I rooted the device with the guide by Paul, all was ok!

But, for my mistake, last evening I deleted some (maybe too many) apps and now the smartphone doesn't detect the sims.

I tried with a wipedata/factory reset but was unsuccesful....

Can anybody help me some way?

Some forums users told me that I need the deleted apps to reload (but I don't know which are and how do it!), the original ROM or a "nandroid" backup to reload but I don't have idea where I can find it. :(

I hope you can help me!

Thank you

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If you have dual SIM version and are in Europe, there is a update zip for EMEA containing the original ROM posted there :

http://vache-android...llant/OS Images


From other forum, somebody has successfully applying the "update" to restore original ROM. You need to go to recovery and select update zip from sdcard after putting the sdcar_*.zip in the root of your /mnt/sdcard2 (not /mnt/sdcard).

Other solution : maybe you can determine which system applications you have deleted, then take them from the sdcard zip, then use adb to push them back to the phone, or use root explorer etc...

Good luck!

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