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Switching your Kindle (including app) region for content from other countries

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I use my Android device (Nexus 7) a lot as a Kindle. Just recently I was sent an eBook gift from the Amazon US site which I was unable to redeem on my UK account, which was a little bit annoying. Thankfully, there's a simple workaround, that is also useful if you have want to gift yourself Kindle content from either a different account or an Amazon site separate from your home site. :)

When you try to buy / redeem a book from outside your home territory (in my case the UK) you may be presented with the following...


Oh noes! I want my gift! :( What you need to do in this situation is to log into your Amazon account and firstly add an address to your address book that corresponds to the home country of the content you are trying to access. In this instance it's the US. Now, this doesn't really have to be a real address of yours since you're not going to do anything with it, but if you do want a real US address of your own, you can head over to comgateway and get one for free.

Once you've done this, you just need to change your Kindle region (don't worry, doing this won't affect your device(s) / content in any way). Head to your Kindle Country Settings page and your current settings will be displayed like so...


Hit the 'Change' button and you'll be asked to select an address from your address book. Of course, choose the address in the country for your content and select 'Update'. Now your settings page will be updated like so...


Now this is done, simply try again to buy / redeem your content and you should find it all goes well!


At this point, you probably want to change your region back, so just visit your Kindle Country Settings page again and choose your regular address. Job done!

I hope someone finds this useful. Enjoy your 'region free' Kindle experience. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them below! ;)

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