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WiFi is mostly slooooooooooow

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Finally got it all working today after purchasing a power supply in a local shop in Warrington (no idea why I didn't think of going there in the first place .. ho hum).

All working sweet .. except for the WiFi.

When it first connects, I get (on average) 30MBps for a few minutes .. then it nosedives to 5Mbps and just sits there and nothing will download. My S2 is connected to the same WiFi and happily goes at a constant 52Mbps.

The only way I've found to boost the connection is to disconnect and reconnect the WiFi. Get the better speed for a few minutes then wait for it to die again. Repeat and rinse ... :(

I'm running the JellyBean firmware c/o ArmTvTech's forum.

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Solution found - so long as I don't want to use my phone!

Put the S2 next to the MK808 and use the WiFi hotspot on my S2. Speed is between 50->65Mbps.

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