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screen Bezel cracking?

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As soon as my N4 arrives this is going in for repair, 4 cracks on the silver bezel, 4 cracks on the screen bezel. It has never been dropped. Maybe I can swing an unlock in with it as well so it can be actually used.

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I have the osd, developed cracks within 3 months, I did ring orange and was very polite and said as it was in the guarantee I would like a replacement, I was told to send in for repair, I was then shocked to be charged 40 quid as they deemed it not a manufacturing fault, I called and explained that a Google search would show that this clearly is a fault they refuse to acknowledge this and tell me they have no such problems I had a hell of time with them trying to get my repair paid for which I don't have time to go into but it was lied to repeatedly, I paid for the repair and now 5 months later the cracks have appeared again a piece of the bezel has now fallen out and after taking it this time into ee shop was still told that they know of no problem with the phones and I would be charged again, so there is no point being nice to orange they don't care, I will be leaving them as soon as I am able even if it means buying out my contract is have never been treated so badly I hate this phone with a passion and as a long and loyal customer to orange appalled by the way I have been treated

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