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Blue Lou

Phone not waking up from its slumber

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I left my phone to charge overnight, it no longer awakes and it seems to be in a slumber-like status. I tried to call it from a landline but was told that "This number is not accepting calls at the moment", so it isn't switched off. I've tried connecting it via USB to the laptop but it's not showing up as charging or offering to connect to the storage system.

The inability to wake from its slumber has happened a few times recently, I was outside listening to a podcast and it stopped playing and I couldn't resume playing for a few minutes. I don't know why. It's not been rooted and is still using the default Orange operating system (not iCS, it hasn't updated).

Does anybody have any experience of the phone not waking?

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Nevermind - Turns out, the phone had stopped charging and the battery was dead... (down to a loose USB cable) and the message from when I called the phone is because I have disabled voicemail :D

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