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Help with root, tpt... Please!!!

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Hello everyone, im new guy here, and as I started i already messed something up xD After trying to root, my Skate is stuck at bootloop :/ Well, i tried lots of thing, first I tried to install cwm but it stops at <waiting for device> Then i decided to try and flash Skatie rom through TPT... But when I download zip, extracted it to sd card (i had image folder with image.bin inside), restarted the phone, used vol + home and power button it just entered stock recovery, it didnt flashed :/ I also tried multiple sd cards, 3 to be more precise.... Anyone can help me? Why my phone doesnt want to flash with TPT, or install cwm??

Thanks guys in advance :)

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Tpt should be flashed by vol+, MENU (middle button, not home button) while powering on.

You didn't read the guide carefully. ;)

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