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Cursed Chico

[Q] Problem with gosms, cant send to a contact.

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Wrongly, i sent a message to +1 333 44 55 but i had to send to +90 333 44 55. My country code is +90 and Usa is +1. So, i lost money because off country sms is being chargiedmoney.

So then i try to sent +90 333 44 55 again but it again sent to +1

I created a contact and i saved it with +90 and sent it messages but all of them to +1 !

When message is received, in conservation mode i can see the message with same conservation. But in same conservation, when i try to send again, it again sends to +1. I cant change that. I delete contacts, create another contact but it is same.

Please help..

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Go to www.forum.xda-developers.com and ask for help

In there, you will be helped. All people here are very friendly :) i always go to xda to chat, ask, and collect information about u8800 (rom, kernel, app, theme...).

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