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Try both and decide for yourself :) The best bet would be 7.2 vs CM10.

OR CM9, which is pretty much the sweet spot when it comes to our phones, it's fast enough, has all the bells and whistles and it requires less memory.

I'd say that CM9 (4.0.4) was the last known good system for a 512 device which explains why so many new 512MB devices are delivered with it or has it as the last and final update.

This isn't to say that CM10 won't run just fine, it will run just fine, you'll just have less room for multitasking and while you may think you're not doing that, if you're running anything beyond the launcher you are multitasking.

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I decided to stop my hunt for upgrades recently. As much as I love the look of Jellybean, I realized: what good is smartphone if it only works half-way? I'll keep my Blade to CM7 / Swedish Snow RLS 7. It really seems the old ZTE Blade comes to an end at this version. I also prefer the CM7/SS7 to the Eco/MokeeOS releases, since the latter ones are restricted to 1 language only or contain untranslated remnants.

Mokee is awesome, you cannot have a faster, slicker or better OS installed on your phone..

That said, try KonstaT's ICS version, install it on a multiboot install at the very least, there are probably apps you use that will run much better on it than Mokee and if there are not, just choose option 5 in the script and delete it from your sdcard.

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Yeah, the interface is smoother but GB is faster on running apps and there is no opinion to be had on this fact.

Battery life is better on proper GB's too, mainly because it is better on RTI for obvious reasons and also because it's code is not a hacked together almost working version of what was never meant to be run on the ARM6.

Try this, install Mokee and use the kernel i posted in that thread, you'll have better performance in the interface and in ALL apps than in ICS and you will have battery life up to three times as good, this isn't a coincidence, it was made with sparse memory in mind and it is faster than all other ROM's out there in every instance because of it.

Can you put a link to that kernel?

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