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[Kernel] 308 Kernel for official ICS roms, Updated 07/02/2013

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What is it?

This is a kernel I have been working on for fun when I have time. Is uses some commits from Daz and his ICS/JB kernel, Quite a few commits from Code Aurora Forum and a bit from Omegamoon and Geno. I have Also recycled some code from my previous 308 kernel for the Huawei X5/u8800.

I used the 3.08 kernel source from Huawei as a base and pulled the boot.img and config from my stock b936 vodafone NZ rom.

19/01/13 update:

I broke my build environment a while ago, and my last kernel stopped building. Have finally rebuilt environment again properly and I decided to use Genokolars kernel as a base to save some time. It helps that his source is nice and clean too and he has documented his changes well. His source is here:


This Kernel is for stock/stock based roms only. It will not work with CM9 or CM10.

What does it have?

Old Kernel

First Release #16:

Overclocking, which I don't use and have not tested.

Lots of KGSL (graphics) fixes

Updated touchscreen drivers thanks to Dazzozo and Fagulhas

Tweaked SIO and stock VR ioscheds, I use SIO

Tuned Smartass2 and stock InteractiveX governers, I have customised smartass2 the way I like it.

Bluetooth BNEP enabled, Stil not one hundred percent sure about this one, seems to be about bluetooth networking.

Some small CAF audio changes.

Updated lowmemorykiller values set in the kernel.

A CAF battery calibration fix, you may experience a battery drop while this calibrates, but after a charge/discharge/charge cycle this is fine and I get through a full day with 60% left in the battery.

11/11/12 Release #19:

Init.d support from Cyda- need to know if this works, I don't use init.d scripts myself.

Some Governor tuning in interactiveX and conservative governors

Zram enabled

Dazzozo's fix for wifi crashing and deadlock from CAF

Current Kernel:

19/01/13 Release #6:

New kernel based of Geno's source.

Has Ramdisk from B952 stockplus.

Largely the same tweaks as before, but with some left out that I felt caused instabitity.

Seems to be about the same speed wise.

Looking to put some more changes in and hopefully fix zram eventually.

Includes the init from Unaszplodrmann.

19/01/13 Release #7

Removed the modified init, seems to cause some phone weirdness.

Set smartass2 as default governor.

Added more entropy into the kernel. I doubt it does anything, but why not. A bit more randomness to pull from can't hurt, can it?

Added updated zram and turned on in the defconfig

21/01/13 Release #11

Added Lagfree Governor

Added Wheatley Governer

23/01/13 Release #12

Made smartass2 a bit more responsive

Updated Freq's from CM9. 1.19ghz back, 1,3ghz gone because nobody can use it.

28/01/13 Release #13

Added swap

small memory management fix

turned off some huawei logging

03/02/13 Release #14

Goodbye Wheatley, wish you worked better on our phone.

07/02/13 Release #15

Really goodbye Wheatley, you stuck around like a bad rash.

Made working directory clean and did a full clean build.

Probably final unless some really cool stuff comes along to try.

Disclaimer stuff:

I have tested this as working on my phone, I am not responsible for fires, death or nuclear war breaking out if you use this kernel. I have only tested it using the stock+ B952 rom, but it should work on all stock based roms.

Get it here:

Old Kernel:

#16 update kernel:


#19 update kernel: http://www.mediafire...3d0irtycdyybw7x

Flash back to stock boot.img: http://www.mediafire...t66482e72shhcth

Current Kernel:

#6 update kernel: http://www.mediafire...94uuu9ebcxyts7a

#7 update kernel: http://www.mediafire...5f9947r4hxurklj

#11 update kernel: http://www.mediafire...guspai8u69i29sn

#12 update kernel: http://www.mediafire...sej3w8ipxo7a16r

#13 update kernel: http://www.mediafire...43116mf34ttvs5l

#14 update kernel: http://www.mediafire...ap4glxz57tp9zjm

#15 update kernel: http://www.mediafire...j19164hvx2z8956

Higher number is the latest and is highlighted above. If you look in Settings>about>kernel Version, you should see it match the kernel number there. You can flash your kernel/rom of choice to get back to your previous kernel. #15 looks to be final unless something really cool kernel wise comes along.

Just come back to using my phone for the first time in a while and realised that it was a bit choppy. Not sure why I didn't notice it before. Anyway, have set the governor values back closer to stock and added some small changes like updating SIO and changing the lowmemorykiller values a little bit. Seems smoother so that is cool.


Thanks to:

Dazzozo and Fagulhas



Code Aurora Forum

Cyda for Init.d support


Fork Me:

All my source is updated on GIT and I try to credit everything I do where needed.



You can build this by using this guide:


I use ubuntu 12.04 LTS and build off the u8815_defconfig.

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Just added this to Stock+944, using the overclocking settings recemmeded in Stock+, and it's made it even nippier! No issues at all, and the phone is now running very fast. My rule of thumb benchmark is how long it takes to open Opera Mini from closed... Infusion about 5 secs, Stock+ and JellyCream are both about 4, Stock+ with this added is less than 4.

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absolutely marvellous!

Congrats & thx for sharing :)

will have a look at your changes in detail.

luv the kernel pic!

always pictured it as the inside of a walnut crossbred with Jonny Mnemonic xD

@T.Tractor: might try this combo on top of my B926. Sounds good!

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Sounds great, I've give this a blast. Thanks a lot.

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Been working fine so far... but I just had a missed call and eventually got a hang from the phone process... I used to get this occasionally on other roms, so I don;t think it's particularly this kernel or anything though... might be more to do with running exdialer and the missed call not being cleared properly.

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I just install it, and with first minute, i feel diferent with reaction on touch. My first verdict is: this kernel i looks very good.

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Any chance of init.d support and adding 122Mhz to the frequency options? I think with those two extras this would be my new kernel of choice.

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I like the sound of this, but I've never installed a custom kernel before. Do I simply put the zip on my SD card and install it from ClockworkMod - i.e the same as installing a custom ROM? Any specific wipes/formats you'd recommend?

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Any tips on an overclock program, and settings which won't crash the phone? - Thanks!

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Any tips on an overclock program, and settings which won't crash the phone? - Thanks!

Program: No Frills CPU control (download off the market/play store)

Overclock settings: Min 480 and Max 1.19ghz or 1.229ghz

Governor: I recommend smartassv2

I/O scheduler: vr

Edited by thepolodoc

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Well I installed this last night gave it a full charge and my batt is at 34% now that is the best its ever been after a days use and generaly it all feels smother and more responsive so far good stuff I would def say its an improvement

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