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[Kernel] ZTE SKATE KIS series ICS kernel(3.0.x) source code

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Not for skate I think. It would need OMX and we've had this before

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No, its armv7 whereas we are armv6

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Just one thing that its for armv7.

So Im working on it with few friend the nandroid on non native phone on xda. Like HTC touch Pro and my second device is HTC Touch HD. This few phone like same spec then Hero. so 528 mhz etc

detule make it amazing work on the kernel and he can booting via this kernel ( 3.3 & 3.4 kernel! ):


So isn't impossible for skate, i think its much easier than Rhodium or Blackstone, just we need one guy who really got a high kernel knowledge. its possible porting this kernel to the skate.

Im try few stuff one the skate, but i have a little issue. I dont know how can i repacking the boot.img which is booting on our skate :/

So i need = ./mkbootimg code for skate. Anyone can share for me?

cmdline i was pulled from kernel, main problem is a --base 0X0.........

thank you!


Here is it for blade:

./mkbootimg --cmdline 'androidboot.hardware=blade console=ttyMSM2,115200 g_android.product_id=0x1354' --base 0x02600000 --kernel zImage --ramdisk ramdisk.gz -o boot.img


for skate:

./mkbootimg --cmdline 'androidboot.hardware=skate console=NULL' --base ?????????? --kernel zImage --ramdisk ramdisk.gz -o boot.img

- zImage it will be right because i compiled one new kernel which i want testing,

- ramdisk step right,

- cmdline step for me : androidboot.hardware=skate console=NULL

- base step : Im confused, with blade-s line just rebooting to the recovery. without this line stuck on the bootloader.

any help it would be nice, Thank you!

Edited by fagyi

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If I could I may help you. But I'm not soo good in programming...

Fagyi, segíts nekik/nekünk, ha tudsz, jó lenne végre egy egészséges 3-as kernel! :)

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