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newbee Q about roms and stuff

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First of all hi to all members!!! 

I've been lurking around to update my POV tablet for looong time and last night I have decided to

flash my tablet with VegaCream beta NVFlash: VegaCream-RC2-NVFlash.exe and everything went fine.

Now my POV is running like Usain Bolt. ;)

I have few questions:

If i decide to return to stock firmware 2.2Froyo, if I maybe want to sell the thingy I can do this just by going into recovery mode

and running the stock fw? Would it cause any problem because I used NV flash which does the partition of internal memory?

If I want to flash another rom and it has NV flash version I can do this again or do I need to flash using CWM zip version?

Example I want to flash VegaComb 3.2 Build 9b can I flash this rom over VegaCream?

What is most stable ROM version by now?

And it would be nice to have sticky for flashing ROMS step by step so we newbies don't bother you with this newbie Q.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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