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Need Testers for a few ported ROMs

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I recently ported 4 ROMs to our devices using XMasterNinni' tool. I was wondering if anyone would like to flash one (or all) and test it for me so I can find out what's working/not working. It just saves me from flashing and restoring backups and I'd very much appreciate it.

The ROMs are available in my signature. I'm far from a developer so problems won't be easy for me to fix so this is going to be a community kind of thing, the more help I get, the faster you guys get access to yet another daily ROM.

You might need to flash the kernel over the ROM for it to boot (I know AtomicMod does).

So far I've only tested AtomicMod and my results are as followed;


  • Front/Rear camera
  • Video recording
  • Camera flash
  • WiFi
  • Mobile data works when connected manually.
  • Calls/text work
  • Root access

    Not working

    GB MIUI doesn't seem to boot for me. I get an error with the build.prop and an abort-installation. Same with MoKeeOS. Not sure how to fix that. Konstakang flashes but get's stuck on the green android logo before automatically rebooting back into recover. Again, unsure how to fix. AtomicMod is still taking priority but I'll try to fix things on each port if I can.

    here, let me know if they boot please.

    Made some changes to the update-script file on GB MIUI & Konstakang. Currently syncing to my GDrive- Download links are available

Rotation (links with proximity)
Bluetooth doesn't appear to work

Any help is very much appreciated. If you test a ROM just post on this thread in a clear format that states the ROM you're using, your device and a working/not working list.

Thanks again!

And that's all I tested.

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Hi Curtis,

great job on the ports! Seems you're having some of the same problems I've had, error code 7's and installation aborted. I managed to stop the code 7' (by editing the updater-script) on a few of my ports but then I just get installation aborted..I dont really know where to go from here. I'll gladly try a few of your ports over the weekend. I've been trying to port http://www.modaco.com/topic/358379-rom-qissme-blade-android-404beta/, any chance of having a go, you might have more luck!

Anyway keep up the good work!

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I think I know how to fix the sensors, will post when I am on ny pc

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Thanks for the comments guys, I'll port that ROM before I go out tonight, and upload it to my GDrive so you can mess around with it, I won't be able to test it myself until the weekend though.

I'll hopefully get all the ROMs booting by the end of the weekend, then it's just a case of finding problems and fixing them which doesn't sound too problematic.

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Hi Curtis, tried the qissme (cheers for that) unfortunately I get the same problem as the port I did, the code 7...

Hows it going with the other roms?

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