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Advice on which ROM to upgrade to

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I haven't upgraded my Advent Vega for quite some time and am looking for advice on what ROM to upgrade to. I'm IT literate and managed to upgrade the ROM when I initially got the device, but that was some time ago.

Can someone please offer some advice as there are a lot more options available not than when I last updated and I'm feeling slightly nervous about messing up.


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Hi Sharkfist,

I am exactly in the same boat and I have been trying to research the best. I get the feeling Vega support is lapsing and so time is of the essence.

As a result it seems to me Vega ICS whilst the latest never will leave Beta status which is known to be unstable.

Honey ICE is probably the latest most stable rom but never supported the GPS chip.

Personally stability and GPS support are what I am looking for so I guess I will have to look towards an older release. I don't have a clue which though.

Please can more knowledgeable members offer their suggestions and comments to help us and confirm if my conclusions on Vega ICE and Honey ICE are correct?

Many thanks,


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I have used all the roms up to Vegabean 8 and including ICS and have gone back to the R8 on this site as it is the most stable and fast.

It would be nice to have Android 4.2 but unfortunately the Vega was not physically designed to use it so all the new roms use compression and work arounds to implement it where as the R8 is built for the hardware.

Link to r8


Latest JellyBean Android 4.1


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