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Well I bought a Scroll Pocket tablet to play with while in bed or in car.

Its 4.3" screen is tiny but the touch is amazing, better than any other tablet (bar a few e.g. asus/samsung/etc) I have used so far.

Thing is if I turn it off for a hour or two all is fine but leave it off over night and it forgets date and time but NOT anything else.

It keeps wifi settings and all my app data just not the date and time.

I turned off auto data and time from network, I prefer to set it myself.

Any one have any ideas?

Scroll have agreed to replace the unit for me, once I fill in the defective unit form they emailed me last nite.

I love the tablet even if screen res is low, it does have the play store even though box and website says it does not.

even after two factory resets still not keeping date and time :(

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I have 2 scroll Essential II tablets. Very good to be honest for the price!

Is your problem not because you have data and time from the network turned off???

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