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Huawei Ascend G300 - unresponsive screen

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My screen is completely unresponsive. Is it software or hardware?


I bought the phone in May. It was running fine on the stock Vodafone rom. I installed the OTA update to the latest gingerbread version some time in July. That worked fine for a few weeks. Then it stopped responding to touch. Returned to Vodafone who sent it back 'no fault found'. When I got it back, it was working again. At that point, I decided to follow the steps on this forum to upgrade the phone to ICS. All went well and the phone was running B926. Then again, it stopped responding to touch. So I returned it to Vodafone again. This time they refused to fix it under warranty because I had rooted the phone and installed unsupported software (The wanted a standard £100 for an out of warranty repair!). So I asked them just to send it back to me. Strangely, when I got it back, it was working again. I then updated to the latest stock vodafone ICS B936. A few days later, the screen stopped responding again. I left it for a few weeks to see if it would come to life again, but no such luck.

So, how do I fix it?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Note: The phone is still fully functional in all other aspects. I can still boot in to the CWM recovery menu, but I cannot select any options because the home key is capacitive.



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On gingerbread, freezes like this were blamed on the launcher. I reckon its hardware now though. I returned my first phone due to unresponsive lock screen and then severe lags if I did get into my phone. Flashing the stock B886 made no difference.

Given the screen 'bubble' issues reported on Modaco, there were quality issues with some devices. You may be seeing a different manifestation of the same problem. Have you tried pressing fairly hard with a finger or two on the screen in case the digitiser has lifted slightly?

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I would try to unroot and return to stock Vodafone, there are some procedures described here.

Or use the ROM that bricks the phone.

Not sure if you can do any of this without using the screen.

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