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How to change low battery warning?

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I have an S3, unlocked, running stock Jellybean, not rooted. Had it 3 weeks...best phone i've owned.

The question...I get a low battery warning at 15%. I remember that I changed this warning from 25% when the warning last came up. I also remember having a 5% option. All I want to do is change the warning to 5%. How?

I have definately remember changing it to 15%, from 25%, but do you only get this option once when the first warning appears? Because I cant find it in any of the settings menus. And when the battery hit 15% this morning there was no option to change it. I have Googled and searched here and some people say its not even possible...but ive already changed it once.

I dont want to do away with the warning...just change it to 5%.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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