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San Francisco won't turn on

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I've always had problems with the power button on my SF but yesterday it was playing up more than usual, then it just refused to respond & come back from sleep. Normally I would have forced it to wake up by connecting it to the charger or ringing it from another phone, but I wasn't at home & needed to make a call so I removed the battery & replaced it which also sometimes works.

Now it won't do anything when I press the power button, no vibration, nothing on the screen. If I connect it to the charger the LED on the right hand button glows red & turns green after a while. I've removed the back cover & tried pressing the power microswitch directly but that does nothing either.

So I think it's a goner - the phone is fine as far as I know, don't think I've bricked it or anything, but without the power button working there's no way I know of to get it to start up.

I have 2 questions:

1. Does anyone have any other suggestions for making the phone boot up?

2. Assuming I have to get a replacement phone - which will be another Android model - is there a way of getting my old stuff off the phone (mainly contact details, old SMS messages and calendar entries)? It's not visible in Windows if I connect it via USB.

I've searched the forums for people with a similar problem but most people have either had a bad ROM update or are seeing some kind of life when they try and boot, so I'm not getting any clues there.

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I think that you have to press and hold the power key for a good few seconds for it to start booting. I have issues with my power button (it doesn't click at all, and barely moves). I know of no way of forcing the phone to boot (on an ATRIX you can turn it on by plugging it in to the mains).

If the power button definitely does not work then I would suggest getting a replacement device (Huawei Ascend G300 per chance..). If you ever signed in with your Google account then all of your contacts should be backed up with that as well as calendar. The SMS', app data etc will not be recoverable unless you can get the phone to boot.

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