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[ISSUE] [ROM] Problems when installing the Elitmovil Z3 Legacy ROM

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There's an error on my device when installing Z3 ROM :

assert failed: write_raw_image("/tmp/recovery.img". "recovery")

E: Error in /sdcard/Elitmovil/ROM/[ZTE_SKATE_ROM]_(z3)_[GB_THU_P743V1.0.0B01].zip

(Status 7)

Installation aborted

Here's what i've done to get the ROM installed on the OMC :

1. I've installed TPT Helper and download the "All-In-One" V1B Package

(V1B - 150MB system, 2MB cache and 288MB data. )

2. Done a clean wipe of the device to avoid potential failures or another crashes (This was not the case)

3. Created an ext3 partition by partitionating the SD Card on the CWM Recovery ( 1GB of 128 MB)

4. Mounted USB to the computer to place the ROM Folder with the Contained ROM and Kernel.

5. Attemped to install the ROM First BUT IT FAILED near the end.

NEED HELP !!! Really stuck and i don't know what to do next.

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Extract updater_script from zip. Edit it to remove line that flashes recovery, put the edited file back in it's place.

No custom rom should ever flash recovery itself... Quite a bad practice.

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Redownload the ROM zip? it sounds like the download got corrupted.

Do you have it ? The download link on the Elitmovil ROM is dead :/

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