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Maybe totally dead OMC

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Hey, so i downloaded TPT helper from Market, and so on. Choose Zip, reboot, show "Flashing from T-flash card" and it was there for like 10 minutes. I did this on bunch of Skates and never had a problem. So i pull out battery since it won't do anything for a long time (The instalation is finished in ~2 minutes but i gave it 10). It won't turn on, it doesn't have recovery installed (stock phone, stock rom, etc), i beleve USB Debugging is NOT turned on since the user is not interested in that.

I have no idea what i didn't to. No thing i didn't try. It won't turn on, it won't go in recovery.

Always black screen. I connect it to PC with both volume Up and Down pressed and i see it's in FDU mode, some sort of Diagnostic i beleve. That gave me some hope that it is not actually dead.

I tried this Thread. Since TPT, Clockwork, Fastboot, Win updater are no good for this state of phone i jumped to Method #5. All went good until 5.4 (Restore channel1.nvm to your phone). That was finished, just every single step as the @hedgepigdaniel said.

After finishing that, pull out battery and the phone will go into CWM recovery. The thing is that my phone won't do that. It remains with black screen.

About the phone:

Stock ROM

Not rooted

probably USB Debugging is Off

Volume Up, Menu, Power = vibrates, back button goes red, screen on but plain black and stays like that

Volume Down, Power = same result

Volume Up, Power = same result

just Power = same result

USB connection ( i have all the drivers)

Both Up and Down volume + USB = FDU Mode

Down + USB = Unknown Device under Universal serial Bus Controllers

Power + USB = Always installing drivers, i see ZTE Composite ADB Interface under ADB Interface

Just USB = Unknown devide under Universal serial Bus Controllers

So from Daniel's thread i downloaded that flasher, with both volumes pressed i see my phone in that program is in Download mode.

If i start that BATCH file for recovery it just keeps "waiting for device".

ZTE Terminal online upgrade (PC Suite) doesn't know what is the device connected.

So, now what? It is cheap phone, but the price here is 60% of my paycheck. So it isn't that cheap for me. To make things worse, it's not my phone.

Now i take it as a challenge, i flashed, bricked and unbricked a lot of phones. About 10 Skates, few SE X8 and X10, Samsungs, HTCs, etc. and never had this problem.

EDIT: I also tried Sales_DL_P743_Hungary_V1.00.00 and the App see the phone but i get error that the firmwares are different

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If I was you I would probrobably try QPST flash the same way is it is used in this thread:


It's done in diagnostics mode.

Don't forget to backup your nvitems first. (Backup tab in QPST app)

You will need to restore it after flashing firmware in DFU mode.

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deleted, as just reread your post.

hope you can bring it back to life.

best wishes :)

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Heh, this kind of thing is why I never do ROM installs on other peoples' phones. I get an anxiety attack during anything that involves low-level flashing (which TPT is).

Ceco's answer is probably your best bet.

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Ok c3co, thanx for the idea, will try it right now.

@Omegavesko, hahah, i get the same attacks as you do :D

EDIT: No good for me, thread is for unlocking. I would follow the instructions but i already know i won't be able to do so. "install-recovery-windows.bat" That is useless as i said above because "Waiting for device". I can't instal CWM nor go FTM :(

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