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Need help going back to official .app ICS from custom CWM rom.

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Hey, anyone knows how get back to original, for example b934, from custom roms and completelly deleting everything like custom rom, CWM and all rooting. Just to bring back to fresh new official version?

First i updated to b926 (Chinese, U8818), then so far i couldnt update to anything (tried all b927, b934, even older) everything ended as update failed. This means I couldnt get rid of chinese b926 version. So then i rooted, installed CWM and installed official zip for b927, also protected imei (got backed it up) in case. Now im on "official but custom" b927 installed by CWM. Again no way to get rid of everything and every update with original *.app update from b927 and b934 ends "Update failed" too.

My goal is to get rid of roots, CWM and install official worldwide b934 which is in HuaweiDevice site. Or at least how to move from official b926, which is chinese, to the official b927 or b934, because update failes when i try to update?

Thank you. :)

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Well, that's how I do downgrade - My phone was bought with B882 on it :

1] If my phone has any alternative ROM, as CM9, Infusion, or else, I always replace IMEI by the ones from tutorial, force flash any UK ROM because my phone was bought from Vodafone, root it, replace IMEI by my original ones, reboot it, and I am on stock Vodafone B885 - with all updates to B892->B895->B936F

2] If my phone has the latest B936F UK ROM, I do the official downgrade via downgrade package located at huaweidevice.com.

Both of those worked for me.

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