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[Game] Yumsters! Free (2.14.39)

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Yumsters! Free


Year: 2012 .

Genre: Arcade

Developer: Herocraft

Publishing house: Herocraft

Type of publication: FREE

Language: Multi/English

Version: 2.14.39

Platform: Android 2.1 +

Screen Resolution: any

Yumsters! Free. Fruit madness!

These are Yumsters! The adorable hole-dwelling creatures are mad about fruit and even participate in the world fruit-eating cup. You'll need to gather a team of super-yumsters from different countries to win this competition. Control the Yumsters, dragging them from holes to fruits trying to make them eat as much as possible as often as possible. Just settle them in your mobile phone and say goodbye to boredom forever! Best of all, the game is now FREE!



- 64 amazing levels

- 7 humorous Yumsters, each one has its own superpower

- A variety of awards and a worldwide high-score table

- 2 game modes

- 7 original locations

- Loads of different bonuses

- Splendid graphics and sound effects

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