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Official Kernel source for Racer

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We all know ZTE did not release 2.6.32 kernel source for Racer. But that may not right. In fact , they did!

Here is the offical download page:


Yes, I know. It says it's for ZTE Turies Series, but check it out. This source contains not only the code for Turies, but also many other devices, including our Racer!

Have a look at the my screenshot of it:post-902214-0-36163700-1354819933_thumb.

It have mooncake configs, by which you can see the difference between Racers from diff regions(mainly are wifi and camera).

actually I tried this almost a year ago, I complied the kernel( use one of the mooncake configs) without any changes to the source and got a zImage which can use in official rom.

Some may already know about this, but since no record here, I think maybe someone still need it.

Tips: You may need 7-zip to decompress the files.

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Already knew that, in fact I ported the board files from this kernel to my 2.6.35 kernel for everything to work correctly (except wifi)

but it's useful for users that want different kernel for the stock rom.

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